When Will My Baby Sleep?

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Don’t get me wrong, I love the cuddles, snuggles and private moments and stolen kisses, but I would absolutely LOVE some “mommy” time, and while we’re standing at the wishing well, I would LOVE to sleep more than a maximum 3 hour stretch at a time! I’m starting to look my age, and I am not happy about it!

Try sleep training you say? We co-sleep, thus it’s not very compatible with sleep training, and my child refuses to fall asleep without me at his side. I am literally at my baby’s beck and call! If he starts to cry during his naps, I have to run in the room to prevent him from crawling off the bed (again, he will not fall asleep without me at his side, he’ll rarely sleep in his stroller these days, and I unfortunately do not fit in a crib or playpen), and throughout the night Mommy is an open buffet at tiny arms distance.

I keep hearing from friends about babies who just one day, didn’t need them anymore to help put them to sleep or comfort them in the middle of the night…

Are they lying to me?
Is this my punishment for being a bad teenager?
Am I doing something wrong? (Do not say “Yea, you’re co-sleeping,” because I have so many issues with our cultural belief that a wee infant belongs in another room… and I really love the cuddles… but… I digress)
Is this day just around the corner?
Will I look back at these exhausted days and sleepless nights, remembering how my little Phoenix would reach out for me in his sleep and feel a twinge or regret that it’s all over?

There really is nothing sweeter than having your babe fall asleep in your arms or on your chest… But not being able to get up and go to the bathroom and eat a meal really sours the mood.

Between teething, developmental leaps, gas and digestion issues I want to be there to comfort my little guy, but when will it all fade? When will my baby sleep?


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