Post-Baby Body & Health Challenge, Day 1 – The Mom Bod

workoutIt’s been 8 months since Phoenix was born, and I still have 15 pounds of baby weight left (not to mention the 5 or 10 or 15 additional pounds I didn’t want before I was pregnant!), so it’s time to do something about it! I’d like to think that with my calorie-deficient eating habits (horrible, I know), stroller pushing, steady nursing (hello cluster feeding!), occasional yoga and constant carrying of a 20 lb tank (also known as “my baby”) the weight would just fall off…. and yet!

So I’ve decided to do something about it, one day at a time.

I’m proposing a month-long challenge, to myself and whoever else would like to come along, to get healthier and fitter and even a little thinner with simple daily adjustments.

Today is Day 1.
And today’s health tip is to drink a glass of water upon waking, before every meal and snack– essentially before anything goes in my mouth, and with every meal. It’s simple, easy and rather satisfying. Most people confuse thirst for hunger, so this may help stave off cravings and mindless eating, also getting sufficient water intake improves your skin, hair, and pretty much everything else in your body!

So cheers! I’m already 4 glasses in… and have barely eaten breakfast, although I’ll save that issue for another day.


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