30 Day Health & Fitness Challenge- The Mom Bod! Day 4

Stretch2Hopefully for the past four days, you’ve kept yourself hydrated, taken your vitamins, and got a little exercise. Day 4 is a no brainer to me, it is the perfect complement to all that walking…

Day 4:
It is so important to stretch after a workout or any physical activity, it helps prevent injury and reduces the build up of lactic acid in the muscle which contribute to soreness. So starting today we’re going to make sure we stretch every day after our walk. If you’re anything like me, your hips and hamstrings are still really tight and your back is aching thanks to carrying around that extra weight for so long, followed by hunching over to nurse, put the baby down or even from carrying around your growing bundle of joy when they refuse to be anywhere but in your arms. I find that taking the time out to stretch my quads, hamstrings, calves and hips really helps to reduce my lower back pain.

Bonus Burn:
Stretch before bed, in addition to stretching after your walk. Even if you can only get 5 minutes in, you’ll wake up less stiff, I promise.

Photo Courtesy of: Travis Rigby Photography


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