30 Day Health & Fitness Challenge- The Mom Bod! Day 8

girl sweat

We have completely our first week of my 30 Day Mom Bod Challenge! If you missed Day 1, which coincidentally started exactly one month before my birthday and one month and one day before a wedding weekend we are attending (check out that alliteration!), you can click here and start incorporating these small but healthful and helpful tips immediately!

Day 8:
Sweat! Add on at least three 30 minute sweat-sessions a week. I don’t care how you do it, be it chasing after a crawling baby, mischievous toddler, cardio machine, or on your daily 30 minute walk, just make sure 3 times a week you sweat, aka get your heart rate pumping, for at least 30 minutes. Wait, I interject, I do care how you do it, or I should say I care how you don’t get it, do not hope in a sauna or steam room, and think that will cut it. This is about getting your heart racing and blood pumping, so get up and move and sweat! I plan on using my extensive dance-aerobic DVDs to good use once again, and hope to incorporate a mini-stroller-jog with Phoenix. If you are running with your baby and stroller, make sure your stroller is equipped for jogging, and/or your “jogging” on flat, even terrain, and your baby is safely buckled in. I love intervals, and this way I can check in with Phoenix after 30 seconds of increased speed and catch my breath for a minute… or two… or three!

Photo credit: Status Fitness Magazine


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