30 Day Health & Fitness Challenge- The Mom Bod! Day 9


Up until today most of our daily goals have been to add something to your day, lifestyle and routine, well today is about subtracting..

Day 9:
Cut it out! And what I really mean is cut it back, cut it down, and if you’re really strong, go ahead and cut it out. You know there’s that one bad habit you indulge in more than you should (some you shouldn’t even at all, but that’s for you to decide on your own), whether it’s soda, coffee, sweets, wine, the list of guilty pleasures goes on… Pick your poison and reduce it, or cut your consumption in half. I know I could do without my Starbucks lattes and spoonfuls of nut butters!

If you have multiple guilty pleasures, and think you can handle the challenge, go ahead and reduce as many as you please. You know you don’t need them, they’re not doing you any good, so to the curb they go!


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