30 Day Health & Fitness Challenge- The Mom Bod! Day 10

We’re into the double digits! Today’s tip may seem a bit excessive to some, but it can be very helpful to open your eyes to your habits and keep yourself accountable.

Day 10:
Write it down!
That’s right, you’ve heard it before, you’ve possibly even done it before, but it’s time to do it again (otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this post),  it’s time to start a food journal. Even if you only do it for the remaining 20 days, write down every morsel that you put in your mouth, you’ll be amazed at how it all adds up. And when I say “everything” I mean EVERYTHING! That includes beverages, the cream you put in your coffee, the mayo on your sandwich and dressing on your salad. I’m not asking you to count calories, instead just to be aware of what it is you are ingesting, you may find your overdoing some food groups and probably neglecting others.

In addition to keeping track of all you eat, try jotting down your workouts, and more importantly, your mood. You may notice a trend, some foods may make you feel a certain way, whereas others you only eating due to emotions. Dairy upsets my stomach immediately, and even specific dairy products have a worse effect than others. Use your journal to find out any sensitivities you may have.

There are many options for you to choose from for your “journal,” you can pick up an actual lined journal, download an app on your phone like My Fitness Pal, or print out any of the journal formats found online, like this PDF file from HealthyEating.org

Photo Credit: WebMD.com


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