30 Day Health & Fitness Challenge- The Mom Bod! Day 11


Today’s challenge is not something you will need to do daily, however it important to keep that body strong and be able to lift, run after and keep up with your growing baby.

Day 11:
Lift and Strengthen! In addition to your sweat sessions three times a week, add in some strength training twice a week. Many people will plan their week as follows: Monday, Wednesday and Friday are for sweating/cardio, while Tuesday and Thursday can be your strength days, but you’re a parent, and any day you can fit something in for yourself works! Some parents strive off of routine and will need to schedule in their workouts, whereas others, like myself, will take it where and when we can, just as long as it all adds up!

There are many ways you can split your two strength days, Upper Body vs Lower Body, Push vs Pull or even full body both days, just make sure you have at least one rest day between working out any muscle group.

Use your baby! They’re great kettlebells, and can often add the perfect challenge to your strength workouts. Phoenix LOVES when I use him as a barbell to do bicep curls, or as my 20lb kettlebell for squats to a press (or a clean and press); he smiles and giggles as I swing him between my legs for the squat and again as I press him to the ceiling (or sky). It’s great baby entertainment!

Photo credit: Travis Rigby Photography


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