30 Day Health & Fitness Challenge- The Mom Bod! Day 12


Today’s daily tip to improve our health (and our waist!) is coming a little late, but it’s still applicable, even late friday night!

Day 12
Invest in some probiotics! These little healthy bacteria really help promote a healthy gut, which include digestive health, allergies, your immune system, as well as improving the health of our womanly parts and decreasing vaginal infection. On top of all that it is also said (although still widely debated), they help decrease obesity, The fact is they improve the healthy flora in your gut, and keep everything moving along a little more smoothly! They are especially important for people like me who do not digest dairy products very well, and who have given them up for their nursing baby (Phoenix does not react well to Gluten or dairy!). Otherwise you can find them in some yogurt and kefir.

Grab some baby probiotics to help your little one and their immature digestive system! There are plenty to choose from, however you should look for one that has both Lactobacillus acidophilus and Bifidobacterium bifidum/lactis on the label along with HMF (human microflora). For infants under a year old their probiotics should contain Bifidobacterium infantis. I know, it’s a mouthful, Genestra sells two different infant probiotics, Baby-F for formula fed babies and Baby-B for breastfed. Note that BioGaia only contains one strain of probiotics, but it’s better than nothing!!

Photo credit: CHFA


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