30 Day Health & Fitness Challenge- The Mom Bod! Day 14


Look at us! Two weeks in, and I’m feeling better already (even with a few slip ups!), the theme of today is to make things a little easier on you…

Day 14
Meal Prep! Pretty self-explanatory, prep and pre-cook as much as you’re able to today (or whatever day works best for you), so that you always have something healthy available to eat when you need it. I find it’s really helpful to have a pre-cooked chicken breast in the fridge, that I can easily toss on a salad greens, or throw on a sandwich, or in soup, or even have some brown rice pre-made, some pre-cut veggies and that chicken and bam! healthy plate.

Store and separate your foods per day and per meal, it will make eating super easy! Sure it will take a good portion of the day to do, but you will be so grateful for it throughout the week when you’re famished and not in the mood to cook anything and all you have to do is pop that in the oven or microwave for a few minutes! I’m getting hungry just thinking about it!

Photo credit: iProvost2point0


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