30 Day Health & Fitness Challenge- The Mom Bod! Day 17


Let’s break up the food focus for a day (oh yeah, that’s right, more nutrition advice and goals to come!), I waited until I actually completed it myself before sharing it with you, which means YES, I do these daily tips and goals myself, and just like you, I try my best to stick with it!

Day 17
Get down and plank! Remember how I told you to make sure you give yourself at least a day’s rest between strength workouts of the same muscle? Well, the abs don’t  count! You can train your abdominal muscles daily, especially with an core strengthening exercise like a plank. I find they’re especially helpful for that mom-pooch, and c-section “excess,” and also is a great way to help strengthen the back. When done properly, a plank engages all your major muscle groups, which is pretty convenient for someone on time restraint! Aim for a minute straight, but don’t worry if you need to work up to that, start off where you can, 30 seconds, or even 15, and keep pushing yourself until you get to 60 seconds. Just make sure your abs are engaged and your butt is down and in line with your shoulders and heels. You got this!

Bonus Burn:
Do 3-5 sets of 60 second planks, followed immediately by 10 plank-ups (5 on each side), and a minute of mountain climbers, and 10-15 burpees! Quick workout to get your heart rate up…. Guess I should go practice what I preach!

Photo Credit: Travis Rigby Photography


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