30 Day Health & Fitness Challenge- The Mom Bod! Day 18


Have you ever heard the saying “abs are built in the kitchen” or “weight loss is 80% nutrition”? That is why today’s tip is such an important one to learn…

Day 18:
Portion control! You’ve heard a million times “in moderation,” but perhaps you’re idea of “moderate” is not actually accurate. It’s time to learn portion control. The best tool you have to figure this out is your hand, yes that’s right, your hand is an excellent ruler. Let’s start with your palm, that is roughly the size of 3 oz of chicken or meat, which ta-da is your suggested meat/protein intake. Your thumb is around 1-2 tbsp or the amount of peanut butter you should use on your toast. Your entire thumb is the size of approximately 1oz of cheese. Your fingertip shows the amount of fat or butter you should use, Make a fist, look at the front of it, that’s 1/2 a cup and the amount of grains and pasta you should consume – think about that for a second! Keep that fist and the entire thing is approximately 1 cup, a serving of ice cream?

There are other objects to use to compare your serving sizes to (which I will share below), but the great thing about using your own hand as a guide is that it allows for a little personal-tailoring, since a man at 6’5″ more than likely has a larger fist than I do at 5’4″ and probably needs more food intake.

Another simple way to portion control is by separating your plate in three sections, half of the plate is filled with vegetables, whereas the other half is divided in two, one for meats and protein, the other for grains. Also I suggest using smaller plates, those large dinner plates you probably have in your cupboards are ridiculously large, the “Super size” of at home dinnerware!

Photo Credit: My love, he was also the chef!


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