30 Day Health & Fitness Challenge- The Mom Bod! Day 21

You may already be doing today’s Health and Fitness Challenge, and if so? Great! But for those who need an extra push or to be pointed in the right direction..

Day 21:
Do Yoga! Yes, you should already be doing your daily stretching after you walk, but doing yoga takes the stretch just that extra step further, It incorporates, stretching, strength and flexibility, but it can also really help calm your mind, keep you centered and somewhat relaxed, which is especially important during those chaotic days of mommyhood! Yoga is something that you can do every day, even twice a day if you’re lucky, and you can do it anywhere once you know proper form and a few good stances and positions.

If you have never done yoga before or you’re not sure where to begin, you can always join a class in your neighbourhood. I have come across MANY different studios and gyms that offer yoga classes, from hot yoga, to baby and me classes, and even pay what you can. Or you can buy a yoga DVD or two or three. I found my absolutely favourite yoga on TV and purchased their first season over 5 years ago and it still keeps me engaged! Namaste Yoga is currently in their fourth season and airs on OLN in Canada, and I love it, especially now that my time is so limited as it’s only 22 minutes long. If you’re not subscribed to OLN, check out their videos online to see what you think!


Photo credit: Travis Rigby Photography


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