30 Day Health & Fitness Challenge- The Mom Bod! Day 22

Today we’re bringing it back to the beginning, to something I suggested early on and have been doing myself 90% of the time…

Day 22:
Wear your baby! Remember that 30 minute walk you go on daily? Well, strap that baby to you during them and get that extra caloric burn and muscle building benefit. I’ve been doing it myself and can really feel it in my backside. I set a timer on my phone, so that I aim for minimum 30 minutes, but I’ve often kept going for 40 or more minutes, once or twice I even lasted 80 minutes! It should be noted that it is incredibly important to keep your abs tight to help support your back, and to make sure you stretch your hamstrings, calves, quads, glutes, hips and back as soon as you’re done.

Your baby will love it! I started wearing Phoenix while we were out walking because he would get cranky half-way though our walk home and of course the only place he was happy was in my arms. Well he was getting way too heavy to carry with one arm and push the stroller with the other, so bringing the carrier helped free up my arms (to push the stroller), until I was comfortable enough to leave the stroller at home.

FYI: My carrier is the STOKKE 3 in 1 and out of 4 that I have tried, it is all 3 of our favourite.


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