30 Day Health & Fitness Challenge- The Mom Bod! Day 24


Today we’re taking it back to your playground days…

Day 24:
Skip! Grab a jump rope and skip to your heart’s content, literally. Jumping rope is an excellent form of cardiovascular activity and you can technically do it with zero equipment, although it’s more fun with a jump rope in hand. It also helps tone the body, especially your legs and backside. You can also use a mini trampoline (or a large one if you have a backyard to accommodate it), which is one of my favourite things in the world, there’s just something about jumping on a trampoline that brings me instant joy! It can also help drain the lymphatic system, according to Ann Louise Gittleman M.S., C.N.S.

When jumping, make sure to keep your abs tight as to strengthen your core and protect your back; keep a slight bend in the knees, and if using a jump rope watch out for your surroundings. If using a trampoline, make sure to stay within the center and watch the little ones around it, especially near those coils while you’re jumping. Pinched fingers will hurt!!

Now jump to it!

Photo credit: The Training Room


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