30 Day Health & Fitness Challenge- The Mom Bod! Day 25

I have a general rule I try my best to follow when grocery shopping for healthy foods for myself and my family, and all I have to do is look for a barcode…

Day 25:
Skip the packaged foods. If it doesn’t go bad within a week, it’s probably not “real” food. Obviously there are exceptions, and use your better judgment to decipher which those are, but generally speaking, if it has a barcode you should limit it or skip it altogether. Most packaged foods have so many additives that your body does not need, and one of the most obvious is sodium. While yes you do need to consume a certain amount of sodium daily, it is not that hard to achieve and most people triple that amount, thanks to an excess of packaged food consumption. Remember, the goal here is to eat colourful, healthy, whole foods, not something refined, enriched and packaged.


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