30 Day Health & Fitness Challenge- The Mom Bod! Day 30


We did it! It’s our last day of this Mom Bod Challenge. I hope you’ve picked up some useful healthy tips along the way and are feeling great! I’ve got one more tip for you, and it really is the MOST important…

Day 30:Keep Going! Just because it’s a 30 Day Challenge, it does not mean that you are done after 30 Days! This was about picking up healthy habits with the hopes of changing your body, but also yourself and your relationship with food and a set of dumbbells. You may have reached your goal, if so, Congrats! In order for you to keep these results, you need to keep walking, sleeping, taking your vitamins, drinking enough water, getting your sweat on, stretching, strengthening, and so on.
Or perhaps you’re like me and still have a bit to go, and may have even slacked on some of those daily changes, so just go back to the first day that you need a little extra emphasis, and follow the challenge again. Take it at your own pace, wait until you master a skill or habit before adding a new one, or keep adding on every lifestyle change that you haven’t mastered one day at a time! I said it before, it’s your life, you need to make it work for you.

I will be putting up baby-friendly workout videos, photos, ideas and more in the future, so you have that to look forward to, and if there is anything you want to see, please feel free to ask for it! I’ve got a wealth of knowledge between my years of studying (both in University and on my own time) exercise, health and nutrition along with a certified personal trainer at my finger tips.

Photo Credit: Jonathan Harris


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