Packing for Baby – Cottage Weekend Edition

When you’re packing for a vacation it can be easy to go overboard and over-pack, especially when it is only for a few days. What’s worse? When you overpack and still manage to forget something crucial or an object you really really wanted!

Want more of challenge? Try packing for yourself and a baby! What do you bring? What will they need? Will you have enough room? They have so many things!!!

After a great weekend away at the cottage (and many other weekend trips away from home), I’ve compiled my list of baby essentials when going away on a cottage/cabin/chalet/trottage weekend.
Of course when packing clothing it’s all a matter of where you’re going, the temperature, what you’ll be doing, if you need both casual and fancy clothes, and of course how messy your baby can get! I usually aim for 2 outfits per day away, below is my list of what I pack for a cottage weekend getaway:

– 2 Jogging pants/suits. We have this great Osh Kosh jogging suit that I use for cooler evenings. Although I still bring a pair of joggers just in case I need to throw them on over shorts due to a sudden chill.
– 2 sweaters, 1 warm and 1 light. Because you never know what the day may bring!
– 2 pairs of pyjamas. A short or light set for warmer weather and a sleeper or pants for cooler temperatures.
– 2-3 pairs of bottoms (shorts or pants, depending on the weather you are expecting. This past weekend I packed 2 shorts and 1 pair of pants)
– 2 tops or onesies for each day you are away. Because babies are messy and guaranteed something will get dirty!
– Swimsuit and rash guard. Look for something that has a 50 UPF coverage, and long sleeves in the swimsuit is always a bonus!
– Swim hat (yes these exist and they’re wonderful)
– Shoes. These are not entirely necessary if your little one is not yet walking, we brought a pair of soft-soled slip-on shoes and a pair of hard soled sandals, which were NEVER worn!

The following are all of my family’s, especially Phoenix’s favourites; obviously you should bring whatever your baby prefers!
– Jolly Jumper. It’s fun, light, easy to carry, pack and set up.
– A Lovey or cuddle toy. Phoenix sleeps best with the white noise from his “Gentle Giraffe,” and having something that he’s used to sleep with at home makes the transition to sleep elsewhere a little easier.
– Something that makes noise and/or lights up. A rattle or squeaky toy (Sophie), or infant “laptop”
– Something that’s interactive. The V-Tech baby laptop falls under this category and usually travels with us.

– 2 Towels one for bath and one for swim. I love Ikea’s SLAPPA hooded towel with snaps at the side.
– 2 Face cloths
– Travel sized baby shampoo/wash
– Toothbrush/Gum wipes If you’re little one has teeth already.

The amount of gear you bring depends on your travel space, and mode of transportation. We limit ourselves to one bag each, which gives us a little extra room for all this baby stuff!
– Carrier. We are obsessed with our STOKKE 3 in 1 carrier, it fits both my love and I comfortably, with a foot height difference, and supports our back while carrying our 21 pound baby! And Phoenix loves it, he can cuddle and sleep on our chests, or face the world as we all explore, and eventually be transitioned to our back.
– Travel Crib. phil&ted’s Traveller is incredibly light and easy to set up. Even though we bedshare, we brought this with us.
– Playard. We just purchased Summer Infant’s Pop ‘n Play Ultimate Playard and we all love it. There is no assembly, it just pops right up, and has 4 feet of enclosed play area with an attached sun shade. It’s perfect for the beach or areas where you’re afraid baby may wander off and get into mischief.
– Life vest. If you are going to be close to water or boating at all, this is a safety necessity!
– High Chair. We have two travel high chairs, phil&ted’s Lobster which is great to use away or at home if you have a solid table it can clamp on. My personal favourite is My Little Seat, which slips over most chair-backs.

– Infant Tylenol, Just in case.
– SPF. Currently we’re using Aveeno Baby SPF 55
– SPF Stick. I absolutely love Substance Chemical-free Baby Sun Care stick, it’s perfect to swipe on baby’s nose and cheeks.
– Diapers. This really depends on baby’s age, I find at 9 months we use 4-6 a day, but you know your little one best.
– Swim Diapers. I pack 2 per day away, although I probably will only need one a day, accidents may happen, and on that one day you need two, you’ll have a spare.
– Wipes. 2 per diaper should be sufficient.
– Coconut Oil. You can use it for a moisturizer for yourself and the baby, as well as a hair detangler, conditioner, lip balm, and even a light sunblock (it naturally has an SPF of 8)

Now that you have the car packed full for your family, don’t forget to have fun, relax and take lots of photos, since every Mommarazzi knows she’ll want to commemorate every family outing and “Baby’s First….”

Bon Voyage!


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