Halloween Costume Ideas for You and Baby!

I love Halloween. I love dressing up, I love seeing other people’s creativity, I adore the cute costumes, I enjoy the sexy interpretations, and am impressed with the scary-gory effects makeup! And now I get to instill this love of fantasy and make-believe in my baby boy; while trying to encourage his father to love dressing up as well! In fact, I have spent months thinking of how our family could celebrate the holiday together, as a themed Halloween Family. Most of which will not come to fruition (it’s only one day after all!), but that means I have plenty of ideas left over to share!

Wizard of Oz
There are so many variations: Dad can be the Tin Man, the Lion or Scarecrow and Mommy gets to be Dorothy (Or Glenda?) and baby as Toto!
Or you can go with my favourite, Flying Monkey and the Wicked Witch! Infant Monkey costumes are easy to find, and all you need is some green face paint, black clothing and a broom stick!

Alice in Wonderland
As a crazed fan of the Through the Looking Glass and everything Alice, I have been obsessed with dressing up as the curious girl, so naturally I bought a White Rabbit costume for my dog! Unfortunately, I no longer have a dog, but I do have a baby to sub in! Who doesn’t love baby bunnies, especially those with white gloves and a pocket watch, and if daddy wants to join in he can be my Mad Hatter or Knave! If you want to be a little more original, dress baby up as a flower from the garden, adorable!

101 Dalmations
To portray fur-loving Cruella DeVil, all you need is a black and white wig, black clothes and a fur (or faux fur) coat, and a little adorable dalmation at your side!

If Dad is willing to wear David Bowie’s pants, I applaud his bravery! Otherwise you can gender-bend the Goblin King with a pair of grey tights, black boots, a whilte flouncy-sleeved blouse, black vest, black gloves and of course a mullet! And carry around your very own Toby in his red and white striped sleeper.

My sister and I attended a costume party this past weekend for a First Birthday and while I did not bring along a big bad wolf (instead I had an adorable little monkey), I dressed up as Little Red Riding Hood; and my sister was a bug catcher toting around her little Ladybug! All she needed was a white lab coat, net and a bucket hat!

Other ideas include:

  • Panda and a Zoo Keeper (Throw on some khaki and you’re all set!)
  • Your Little Angel, literally and a Nun or Priest
  • A little baby athlete, with some athletic gear I’m certain Daddy (or you!) have already bought your little one, and Coach, or Sleezy Sportscaster (it’s all in the pencil stache!)
  • A family of Astronauts; the right coloured snow suit would pull this off, and of course the helmet.
  • Or if you’re a baby wearer, you can try this idea I spotted on Pinterest: little baby Popcorn and Popcorn Vender!

Whichever you decide, have fun! Be creative, and dress up. With a little imagination, every day is Halloween!


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