Happy Father’s Day! Need a Gift Idea?

To all the papa’s out there and the partners and children that love them, Happy Father’s Day! May your family love and appreciate you, and let you pick the movie, restaurant, “toy” or gadget you just can’t live without!

And to the momma’s out there who are still working on last minute presents, because let’s face it, they won’t mind if we’re a little late, as most of them needed a little reminder for our day last month! Am I right? Or am I right?!? Here is a list of some easy, fun, and welcomed gifts that I’ve been working on:

– A watch. You can get it engraved, perhaps even with your little one’s birth date (if you have the time! See what I did there? Two puns in one!).
– A Powerball. It’s a gyroscope that you power yourself with a flick of the wrist. I think it’s ridiculous, but men love it.
– A Photobook. Gather a collection of photos of baby and dad and make a photo book. This is a gift that you know you’ll enjoy making, and daddy will appreciate it even if he isn’t the sentimental kind.
– A Day with the Babe. On average, we momma’s spend the majority of our time with our new babies, and dad’s can sometimes feel left out. So, let him have a day (or half a day) to hang with his little Prince or Princess. Pump or prep the formula, pack a simple light diaper bag, and set the clothes out for him. Bonus: You can to have some solo time too!
– Charcuterie! Men love meat! (Vegan and vegetarian men aside), so take them to a BBQ themed restaurant (Barque in Toronto is a good example), that charcuterie restaurant you’ve been meaning to try or treat them to a charcuterie plate at home.
– BBQ. Back to meat. Pick up as much meat as you believe he can eat, marinade it and let him BBQ it. Men love to feel needed, and they love BBQ. Nothing seems to compare to that masculine charge of standing over a fire, grilling meat.
– Breakfast in bed. I mean, who doesn’t love to be pampered, especially when food is involved, and hello?! Bacon!
– Paint project! If your kids are old enough, of course let them create something unique for their #1 Dad. But for those little babes you need to get a little more creative. Grab a canvas, squirt your desired paint colours on it, and slip it into a Ziploc bag. Now let baby smoosh that paint all over, hands, face, feet, whatever they choose to use. Best part? No clean up!
– A Book. I purchased Be Prepared: A Practical for New Dads for my love last year, and it is filled with dad friendly tips and advice.
– Take him to a movie. A war movie? Action? Documentary? Whatever he’s into. Jurassic World just came out, and who doesn’t love dinosaurs?
– Have a shirt made. Let Dad strut around showing off that he’s Number 1!
– Matching Daddy and Me outfit. You know he wants one, and you know you want to take a photo of the two of them in their matching outfits together… It’ll be a perfect shot for next year’s photo book!

Have any additional ideas you want to share? Comment below!