Why Do You Care? Extended Nursing & Sophie Grégoire-Trudeau


I was talking with my mother this morning about our “First Lady,” Sophie Grégoire-Trudeau and how she continues to breastfeed her youngest son Hadrien, who just turned two February 28th. And I couldn’t help but think of all the opinions, judgments and criticism she’s faced with after admitting such a simple fact.

I have a 17 month old, who nurses, and I find it fascinating that people feel the need to share their unsolicited opinions on breastfeeding, especially extended breastfeeding and even go so far as to “pre-judge” when they state “I hope you’re not going to be nursing when he’s ____ old.” I can’t help but wonder, WHY?!?!

First off, why the F@*% do you care? Seriously? Why do other people care so much what a mother chooses to do with her body, and the choices she makes for her child, and her family? Do you truly believe that she is somehow harming her child? And if so, where the F@*% did you get that belief from? Really, I’d love to know how some members of our society came to the collective conclusion that extended nursing is wrong; how the benefits of breast-milk somehow disappear after whatever age they‘ve decided should be the cutoff.

I have one piece of advice: Worry About Yourself (WAY).

Women are faced with far too many judgments in the world, we’re either doing too much or too little. Managers avoid hiring us because we’re more likely to take time off to procreated and/or take care of kids, yet if we choose not to have children we’re considered selfish!?! To be criticized about our choice to nourish our child is absolutely absurd, especially when it comes from people who aren’t mothers, or even parents; keep your opinions to yourself, wait until you’re a parent and then do what works for you, and I will continue to do what works for me.

So nurse on Sophie!
And to all the critics out there, if you want to be heard, come at us with some science… and even then..Go (a)WAY!

Photo Cred: Chateleine.com