30 Day Health & Fitness Challenge- The Mom Bod! Day 20

Eat-Every-2-3-HoursKeeping with the food theme we’ve had going all week (and ignoring my delay in writing this, mom life!), I bring you today’s Health and Fitness Challenge tip…

Day 20:
Eat every 2-3 hours! By doing this you accomplish a few things; first of all it will help keep your metabolism going, the more you demand from it, the more work it will put in. Truthfully, I find I’m similar myself, if I only have one or two things to do in a day, I find I get nothing accomplished, whereas when my day is full to the point of disbelief, I can achieve miracles and never stop moving! But back to you and eating; secondly, eating every 2-3 hours ensures that you will never “go hungry” and thus never have to binge or eat mindlessly, which can help you make better food choices; this habit also encourages smaller meals, and prevents you from overeating in one sitting.

It really helps if you have snacks on you at all times, which is where Day 14 comes in, and plan and prepare. The most successful people, at any task are always prepared, for anything!

Photo credit: Rant Lifestyle


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